Yucca Chips & Kabobs For Parrots – Is Yucca Safe for Birds?

Bird Kabob is a range of chewable and shreddable toys made from natural materials. They are surely one of the most popular toys we buy for our parrots.

Why are these yucca based toys such a hit with virtually any parrot?

They’re made of a soft cactus-like shrub derived wood. This means every species of parrot can get their beaks into it. From Budgerigars to Macaws and all in between.

They come in multiple designs – chips that can be used as foot toys, and hanging toys of all different shapes. There’s no boredom or same-same with Bird Kabob toys.

Even though all the toys are made of the same material, they all look different and some are tailored more for larger birds (make no mistake; cockatoos will shred most yucca pieces in minutes!).

Are yuccas safe for parrots?

Finding your own wild yucca is different to buying the material from the main manufacturer of yucca based toys for parrots - Bird Kabob. The company ensures their yucca based Bird Kabob toys are safe and free of any possible nasties like fungus by putting them through heat sterilization. This means Bird Kabob yucca is safe for parrots and all birds.

What is bird kabob made of?

Bird Kabobs are made of yucca which comes from a shrub in the Asparagaceae family of plants. This is the same family of plant that the familiar asparagus comes from (as well as about 2500 other plants). Although the plant looks a bit like a cactus, it is not a cactus. The best way to give your bird yucca is with the safe and sterilized Bird Kabob range of products.

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