Trees, Plants and Foods that are Safe For Parrots

Providing wild and natural trees and plants to captive parrots brings benefits to their physical and mental wellbeing

This website is for people who are interested in providing parrots and other birds who live in our homes or aviaries with natural, wild foods and enrichment items from safe trees and plants. Growing suitable plants in an aviary, or on your property, means that your birds are able to have their quality of life improved by having access to some of the vegetation that their species in the wild does – or close to it. Whether for food or fun or both, enriching the lives of captive birds with trees, branches, buds, flowers, fruits and bark provides immeasurable psychological and physical benefits for every single bird, no matter what their species.

This website does not promote the breeding of parrots in captivity. We are all about making the greatest possible effort to provide birds who are in captivity a life of experiences and oportunities which includes those that resemble what they experience in the wild.

Benefits of growing plants for parrots

  • Engage in natural and instinctive behaviours
  • Eat safe, natural, wild foods as a supplement to their regular diet
  • Provide a wide variety of play and foraging opportunities
  • Minimise or completely eliminate unnatural and potentially dangerous plastic, rope and other toys and perches and replace them with natural items that birds can chew and play with safely, as well as eat.
  • Brighten aviaries and gardens with beautiful plants that you know are safe to give to your birds

This page will be updated very soon with in depth information about enriching the lives of parrots in homes and aviaries!

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