Myrtaceae Family of Plants

The Myrtaceae family of plants is a very important one for wild parrots and contains many of the species that Australian parrots rely on for nesting and feeding. Many species are also found throughout Australasia, Central and South America.

This family contains well known groups such as Eucalypts, Callistemon, and Melaleuca, as well as a wide range of other lesser known (but no less beautiful and useful) flowering plants ranging from those that grow in the harshest of dry habitats and nutrient poor soils, to rainforest species that thrive in damp conditions.

With well over 5000 species in over 130 genera, many Myrtaceae plants aren’t suitable, or easily found or even available at all for growing in gardens.

However, there are certainly more than enough species and cultivars (special “breeds” developed for the nursery industry) which are available, and below are some of the more common types you might come across. What you are able to find available locally will of course depend on where you live!

These are plants people can safely grow either in aviaries or in the garden, to provide as food, perches and enrichment for companion parrots.

Lillypilly plant with berries
Acmena & Syzygium
eucalyptus tree flowers